If you want to grow something from seed that’s great for pollinators, try borage. It’s easy from seed and is a useful garden herb.

One of the most amazing thing about borage is that the nectaries are regularly replenished. That makes them an open all hours diner for pollinators and a very valuable garden plant.

The annual borage grows and flowers in the same season. The flowers may be blue or sometimes white.

The flowers can be added to water and made into icecubes for summer drinks, or sprinkled on salads. The young leaves can be eaten in salads.

Borage is a self-seeder which means once you’ve got it established it will grow most seasons from the seeds that fell last year. That makes it a really useful plant in the garden and a reliable nectar source for the wild bees.

There is also a perennial form of borage called Trachystemon orientalis. It’s best grown in a larger garden because it does spread, but the great thing about the perennial form is that it flowers in late winter and early spring, so it’s in flower as the bumblebee queens start to emerge.

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