If you want to learn more about solitary bees have a listen to Episode 2 of the Wildlife World Community Podcast. Listen to Helen Hyde interviewing two bee enthusiasts about these enigmatic creatures. This was a fun project in conjunction with Wildlife World to share not just our love of bees, but some quirky facts and information to engage and inspire listeners to learn more about these precious insects. Of the 275 bee species in the UK about 250 of them are solitary bees. That means that unlike the honeybee and bumblebee these bees do not live in social colonies. Do listen in and see what you think.

Ep.2 Solitary Bees

Do bees need our help? Surely the solitary bee is happiest on its own? In this second instalment of our Wildlife Community Podcast, we delve into the secretive world of these fascinating pollinators who are a gardener’s best friend.

Why do we need solitary bees?

In this episode we speak to an actual professor of pollinators, Jeff Ollerton; whose book Pollinators and Pollination discusses the relationship between our rapidly changing world, and the impact this is having on how bees interact with flowers. And Jean Vernon, an RHS and Daily Telegraph writer whose book, The Secret Lives of Garden Bees is available to buy here.

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