Would you like to learn a bit more about the bees in your garden? Over the summer I’ve been doing bee walks at Jekka’s Herb Farm. Herb plants are a fantastic source of food for many of our pollinators, especially the bees.

Bee walks are a great way to share a bit of bee love. First you can introduce some of the bees that you might see in your garden. Then you can talk about really good bee plants. And if you are lucky the bees might come and join you.

I like to safely catch a few bees as I walk and pass the little magnifying pots around so that people can see the bees close up. Don’t worry there are air holes in the pots and I never leave them in there for long. No bees are harmed when I do a bee walk.

This summer Jekka invited me to talk and bee walk at the her amazing HerbFest. It went so well that she invited me back to do the open days at the Herb Farm. Check out Jekka’s website for dates – you need to book a time slot and a ticket!

I’m starting to take bookings for bee walks and talks for 2022, so if you’d like me to come to your garden event, do get in touch via my contact page or contact me on Twitter or InstaGram. I like nothing better than talking about bees!

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