Join Jean Vernon for an introduction to your garden bees at RHS Rosemoor.

I’m delighted to announce that I am taking my popular garden bee workshops to the glorious gardens at RHS Rosemoor, in Devon this spring.

Join me on May 11th 2024 for one of two workshops. Tickets for RHS Rosemoor can be booked here:

My workshops include the change to interact with my bee-focussed nature table. It features all sorts of nesting materials, bumblebees and other fascinating insights into bee world. There’s even a pot of bee poo!

We will start with an illustrated talk to introduce you to some of the quirky bees you could find in your gardens. You will meet a few of my favourite solitary bees, the bees that don’t live in a colony but have fascinating life stories. Then we will explore the wonderful world of bumblebees and learn more about these amazing creatures, where they nest and how we can help them.

You will also learn about some of the power plants for pollinators and other things that you can do to support our garden bees.

Then we will go out into the gardens and see which flowers are magnets for the bees in the garden. I will show you some of the power plants that the bees love. I will catch a few bees in magnifying pots so that you can get up close and see their beauty. We will identify them and then let them go.

Male bumblebees often have yellow facial hair Image: Jean Vernon

It’s a fun and inspiring session and then you can spend the rest of the day exploring these magical gardens.

Q&As are welcome throughout the event and I will bring some of my books if you’d like a signed copy.

Tickets for RHS Rosemoor can be booked here:

If you can’t get to Devon then I am taking two workshops at RHS Wisley in Surrey on May 23rd 2024. Book here for RHS Wisley.